Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Baby Bibs


Make mealtime mess-free with Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Baby Bibs – a lifesaver for parents and the ultimate mealtime solution for your little one’s cleanliness and comfort.

These easy-to-use bibs offer hassle-free cleanup since they can be disposed after each meal.

Spill Protection:
Designed for maximum comfort and effective spill protection, our bibs feature an absorbent layer and extra lining to keep babies dry.

Bold Colors:
The bold, primary colors and character-free design can be enjoyed by everyone!

Strong Adhesive:
We understand that babies can be fussy with extra apparel, so our adjustable sticky tabs ensure the bib doesn’t move and is the best fit! The double adhesive not only secures the bib to your child’s shirt, but also closes the bib itself.

Crumb-Catcher Pouch:
When your dealing with those stray crumbs and mess, simply turn the crumb catcher inside out to create a pouch that protects clothes from food mishaps.

Perfect for On-the-Go:
Convenience is key, which is why each unit contains six, small, resealable packs that you can keep in your purse, car, or diaper bag.